Inauguration of the Exhibition ” El Viaje a la Especiería de Magallanes y Elcano” at the Castillo de Santiago.

March 11th, 2020

Since February 21st, Santiago Castle has been hosting the exhibition ” El Viaje a la Especiería de Magallanes y Elcano” (Magellan and Elcano’s voyage to the Spices) in collaboration with the Spanish Navy. The exhibition, located in the Torre del Homenaje of the Castle, will be part of the circuit of visits until September 2022.

It was the most important maritime feat of all time that set sail from Sanlúcar on 20 September 1519 and returned under the command of Juan Sebastián Elcano on 6 September 1522.

The exhibition consists of a series of explanatory panels detailing the exploits of these men who, with their efforts, wrote the most exciting pages of the History of Navigation. The reading is complemented by instruments such as astrolabes, a logbook and facsimiles of the original documents that contained important data from the expedition, nautical charts, old maps and an audiovisual presentation of the events and consequences of the return of the so-called Armada de la Especiería (Spice Armada), this demonstrated the sphericity of the Earth and was the starting point for what is considered to be the first sign of globalisation.

We tell you all this within the walls of Santiago Castle, witness to the departure of the five ships and the return of the Victoria, from where the arrival of the ship’s rich cargo was probably announced. The wealth of spices that were worth more than gold, and the glory of sailors who could never have imagined that their feat would be considered equal to the arrival of Man on the Moon.

A large part of this exhibition has been donated by the Spanish Armada, which in in collaboration with the managing entity of the Bien de Interés Cultural Castillo de Santiago OFFICIA S.L. in the figure of its president, Mr. Álvaro Taboada de Zúñiga y Romero, together with Mr. Emilio Lustau Ortiz de Latierro, general director of Officia, complete the discourse of the exhibition with objects from their private collections.

The exhibition is part of the Castle’s tour circuit and can therefore be visited during opening hours.
More information in the opening hours of the website. Attention to possible changes of due to the celebration of events in the facilities.

Santiago Castle participates in the programme Cuarto Milenio on Canal Cuatro.

The Santiago Castle hosts the annual dinner in aid of the Spanish Cancer Association.         

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